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“Wyclef is going to need all the help he can muster to navigate this treacherous water in which he is about to dip his toes. He will have to understand the true meaning of the word Yele, or scream. He will be doing it everyday.” By Garry Pierre-Pierre   http://www.thegrio.com/politics/president-wyclef-haiti-would-be-hell-for-former-fugee.php

Wyclef Jean…Haiti’s Next Moses!
God equips and will equip Wyclef Jean for every situation and at every turn. Don’t look at the man. Look at the greatness of the One who has sent him. May God’s will be done.  By Dina Michel-Wiggins


Wyclef For President

Wyclef Jean bon pou Ayiti.

Wyclef Jean pwosede tout sa nou gen bezwen nan yon Prezidan.

Wyclef ap yon Prezidan pou tout moun…pou rich ak tout pov.

Wyclef Jean deja demontre sa-l ka bay.

Li travay ak sa li te genyen…li rete pèsistan, jiskaske li pèsevere.

Si nou ta gen Wyclef kom Prezidan Ayiti, lap egzèse menm konesans, fos, kouraj, ak konpasyon…

ki mennenn-n fè tout charite li deja fè pou Ayiti.

Wyclef ap yon Obama pou Ayiti.

Ak Wyclef, Ayiti ap gen CHANS pou yon bon CHANJMAN.

Nap gen yon Prezidan ki pa vini pou-l tete peyi-a. Nap gen yon Prezidan entelijan e ki konpetan; nap gen yon Prezidan ki gen grenn pou-l boule ak tout depatman yo, pou-l acheve sa pèp-la bezwen pou Ayiti.

Pou ekonomi Ayiti, Wyclef!

Pou pwisans Ayiti, Wyclef!

Pou elevasyon Ayiti, Wyclef!

Kòm pèp Ayisyen, fè yon apel a Wyclef…

pou nou di-l ke nou bezwen sevis li…kòm Prezidan Ayiti.

Wyclef Pou Prezidan!

Wyclef For President!

Wyclef Por Presidente!

This message was written and posted by Dina Michel-Wiggins, a Haitian-born U.S. resident of 34 yrs. This post is not initiated nor endorsed by Mr. Wyclef Jean, his friends, or affiliates.