I fell @ about 9:06 PM on 12/20/2010 while getting discharged from XXXX hospital. The Ambulance tech had me to walk from my hospital bed to the stretcher- even though my diagnosis was “unstable Gait” and hospitalized for frequent falls. Almost 5 hrs after I fell, I am still begging the Charge Nurse for a wheelchair so I can get to the hospital’s ER. The nurse never examined me nor questioned which areas I felt pain. I HAD BEEN INSISTING **TO BE PHYSICALLY EXAMINED BY A DOCTOR- either in my hospital room or the ER. This Charge Nurse made it clear that NO DOCTOR would be sent to my room and refused to accommodate me with a wheelchair for my son to wheel me to ER. Do you think the hospital staff had some “hidden” motive to keep me from being examined by a doctor after the fall? What could it be? Could you guess which hospital this is? You would never guess. It is highly rated. And most of their patients are **not of my race/color. Why the bad treatment? I don’t know. I am just dismayed, shocked, and very hurt (physically & emotionally) by the whole ordeal. Please share your hospital horror stories with me at: seeyou@voiceofvirginians.tvBAD, by Michael Jackson